New Apple Store in Colombo


Finally hardward vendor in Colombo has realized that there is a lot of money to be gained by selling Macs. The company, Epsi, is not the first and hopefully it will not be the last. They have shown a complete lack of imagination by naming their outlets as 'iStores' but heck the prices seem to be cheaper than what BT Options offers. Let us hope that it's not just an introductory offer and will last.

I was passing by their new store (which is actually a re-labled old shop, They used to sell Viewsonic Monitors (probably still do)), so i stopped to pick up a mouse and an Airport Express base station. But they were closed since today is a Sunday (So why have full page ads on sunday papers?)

How are things priced? An entry level macbook seems to be 10% more expensive than in Singapore but that's only to be expected, nothing is cheap in Colombo. In contrast the price of an Airport Express base station (which is just a fancy name for a wireless access point) seems to be comparable to the price in Singpore. It's only marginally higher than other access points but the Apple version has 802.11n (for home use that's as usefull as a third nostril) , and you get the 802.11n software update for your macbook free.

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