Airport Extreme


Made a second visit to the Apple Store (yes it was open this time) and bought my self an Airport Express Base station. A non mac user might ask what on earth is that? Well it's apple's fancy name for Wireless Access Point. So why buy one from Apple instead of from any old vendor? well no particular reason but i like the fact that it has a print server built in.

Most of the cheaper routers do not have a USB port, so the 13,800 Rupees that i coughed up for the Airport Base station was well spent. It was rediculosly easy to setup. I just powered it up , unplugged my network cable and inserted the jack in the RJ 45 socket on the base station. That's all there was to it.

The airport manager, which is included on OS X makes it really easy to configure the router for security. I set it up to use WPA two and added a list of allowed MAC addresses (MAC as in Media Access Control and not as in Apple Mac). So the network is deemed secure until the next exploit is discovered.

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