Quadruple Play at Home

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Quadruple play is a favorite telco buzzword to describe the integration of Mobile and Fixed telephony with broadband internet plus television and their delivery through one network. It seems an appropriate term to describe the setup I have planned for my new home.

Perhaps it's better to use the term quintuple play because Radio will also be over the network. This home network will be a mix of wired and wireless elements. The wired bits will use Cat 6 cabling and wireless of course will be Wi Fi. A security camera and intercom at the gate, several phones and of the macbook will be served through a wireless access point.

An FXS to Ethernet adapter (also known as a VoIP interface to Analog Telephone) will be needed to connect the POTS to the network. The handsets will all be VoIP phones. I don't know a great deal about PBX systems, so I am going to set one up with software. Asterix is the most likely choice at the moment.

The POTS will not be really pots either. It will be a Dialog CDMA phone, which is a 3G system. I haven't quite decided wheather to use Dialog WiMax or SLT ADSL for broadband. Wimax is faster and more expensive while ADSL is slower and cheaper. The drawback with ADSL is the long waiting list and SLT's lack of reliability. It's tough decision because my mobile phone (and the phones belonging to evey member of my family) happens to be a Dialog. The satellite television system will be through a Dialog subsidiary. It doesn't pay to have an over dependence on one provider.

Television itself will be through a Tivo like system powered by MythTV or something similar. Heck MythTV is much better than Tivo. You don't have to pay anything. The fact that I don't watch TV except for the odd cricket match is totally immaterial. As a geek i have to do this.

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