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Quadruple play at home took a backseat the last couple of weeks because of a lots of other things including the Literary Festival. But I did get an opportunity to download and install asterisk. Installation was straight forward but afterwards I found myself asking what now?

Finding answers to that question turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Matters were not made any easier by the being unavailable. That was two weeks ago. They haven't brought it back up yet.

Then I ran into another site; Asterisk Guru that seemed to answer quite a few questions. There, i learnt of the Zoiper softphone and installed it on the mac and for good measure I installed a copy on my sister's macbook as well. So now I can talk to her PC to PC (heck i can do that with skype too but this is different). But that's only possible when we are both in the same Lan. I haven't quite figured out how to bring the POTS into the picture.

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