Nikon Picture Project

2007 Sept 27 at 00:18 » Tagged as :photography, quadruple play,

When you buy a Nikon you get a free copy of Nikon Picture Project. Of course nothing really is free, the cost of the software is included in the price that you pay for the camera. I wish they would give an option to buy the camera with out the software because it would be pretty hard to create a worse gallery management system than Picture Project.

It's incredibly slow to start with and they have gone out of their way to make a none intuitive user interface. Art of good photography is to delete the bad ones. With picture project when you delete an image the next on does not automatically get highlighted. So if you want to click two images in a row, you need to delete the first one then click the next one and then hit the delete key (on the mac it's the backspace) again.

There is nothing to write home about the image enhancements features either. it's amazing that such great cameras are bundled with such lousy software. I am heading back to iPhoto.