Blogshares Flop


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In recent times Bloghsares servers have been offline more hours of the day than they have been online. This is not alltogether a bad thing. I spend far too much time there. So if they are offline, that i means less time get's wasted.

Unfortunately at times blogshares remains online without being fully functional. For example there was a long period extending for well over 24 hours during which there were no idea drops. The chip market was also rather slow at the time so there wasn't anything at all for me to do there. Well so why am I complaining? well like most other B$ players, I kept visiting the site very few minutes to see if there had been a recent drop.

Today it seems there is a complete breakdown. Apparently the database is completely overloaded and the site has been off line for quite some time. The funny thing is why haven't they restarted? A database totally overwhelmed by a stampeding horde of client threads happen to be one of the few occasions where a linux server can benefit from a restart.

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