Lens Fungi

2007 Oct 20 at 20:17 » Tagged as :photography, netbeans,

A couple of days ago, I was appalled when I noticed a spot of fungus on my sigma 50-500. This lens is still very new and I cannot afford to lose it. Fortunately the growth isn't heavy enough to effect the image quality. The spots only appear on the outermost lens which is probably around 80 mm in diameter (the filter size is 86mm).

Here in the tropics fungi on the lens is a very very serious problem. The temperatures is always between 25-35'C. That in itself isn't very harmfull. But combine that with humidity in excess of 85% and you have a recipe for a lens killer. Dry boxes (desiccators) are nearly useless. I used to have one and kept forgetting to change (or microwave) the silica gel. Besides Silica gel is toxic.

The only practical solution is to buy an air tight electronic camera cabinet. It will provide you with low humidity so that the cameras can be stored safely. It set me back 16,000 Ruppees (USD 155) but it's worth it because the lens is USD 1250. Even with a spot of fungus on it, I can probably get Rs 175,000.00 for it. Phototechnica's list price is Rs 185,000.00 (about USD 1800)

Even my Nikon D70S can probably be sold for about 100,000. Heck the L11 that my father bought for my daughter on her birthday is listed at Rs 34,000 (it cost my father USD 150.00). What about my old beloved FM10? that's a whopping Rs 39,000!