Netbeans 6

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Been using Netbeans 6 for a couple of days and I am beginning to like it quite a lot. When moving from Netbeans 5 to 5.5, the projects had to be upgraded but you don't need to do that when moving from 5.5 to 6. It will use the existing project as it is.

The most exciting feature about the new version is it's built in support for UML modeling. Not that i will use it often but it's a nice tool to have in case someone asks you for a diagram!

Another exciting feature is built in support for subversion. Even with previous versions you could add subversion support using additional modules but this time it is built in, making life a lot easier if you prefer subversion over CVS.

With each new version of Netbeans (or any other IDE for that matter) memory usage jumps up in a big way. This new version isn't so bad. I am not saying memory usage hasn't gone up but the percentage increase isn't so bad. What's bad though is the startup time. It takes a really really long time for this version to startup.

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