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Visited Eastlink and bought some of the requirement for the network at my new house (which is still under construction).

The network is to be part wired and part wireless. The wired bits will be gigabit Ethernet. Obviously Cat 6 cabling is needed. The other option fiber optic cabling is out of the question. Primarily because it's so costly. The tools needed are pretty expensive too. Beside I have no prior experience in fiber optic networking.

The cat 6 cable isn't cheap either. That's because Eastlink does not sell it by the meter but by the box. The box contains 305 meters (1000 feet). That's quite a lot more than what I need. Still I was happy to buy the box for Rs 19,000.00 because it's a Canadian product and heaps better than the junk that many of the other vendors offer.

Walking into Eastlink itself was a novel experience. I have a dim opinion of Sri Lankan hardware vendors but at first glance they are different. They are helpful and knowledgeable. Other places are staffed by idiots who think they know it all but cannot tell the difference between a bit and a byte.

The reason that I chose eastlink is because their website is also different. Other hardware dealer's sites look like they were built by a 3 year old with Frontpage and a pirate copy of Flash.

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