WiMax, ADSL and a Leased Line

2007 Oct 27 at 10:21 » Tagged as :broadband, subversion,

There is a local company for whom I do an occasional bit of (free) consulting. They have obtained a Dialog WiMax connection (based on my suggestion) and now I need to set it up for them. If you call the existing network ad hoc that would be painting a too rosy picture. Some of the computers are ancient and should be trashed. They are connected by network cables that run inside conduits which at times contain power cables as well!

The company has a locally hosted mail server (which I setup). This was installed before broadband became available in the area. So the 64kbps leased line that connected the server to the rest of the world provided connectivity for everyone else as well. Later on when Sri Lanka Telecom expanded their ADSL service to cover this area, an ADSL connection was also added.

Since then hardly anyone uses the old mailserver as their gateway. Only a couple of employees abusing their connectMany are using DCHP with the ADSL router itself acting as the DHCP server. There is a hard wired route on the ADSL router so that people can access the mail server through the LAN instead of using external links. Now WiMax is being added to this Pot Purri