First reboot.

2007 Nov 19 at 09:56 » Tagged as :bootstrap,

Yesterday for the first time in a very long long time, I have had to restart my desktop because of a software failure.

This machine does get rebooted once in a while. Most often it's because of a power cut. Sometimes I even switch it off alltogether but that doesn't happen too often. I have had many restarts over the last few years because of hardware failures. But i really cannot remember the lastime I had to reboot because the OS itself crashed. Even today the OS didn't crash - the keyboard did. That is all active software refused to recieve keyboard input.

The keyboard was promptly unplugged and plugged back in but that didn't solve the problem - when not fully. If you put your weight on certain keys and kept it there for a second or two a character might show up on screen but that's about it. the Usual way to close X - (ctrl backspace) didn't work either. So in the end, I did the unthinkable - did a reboot.