Faith (Partially) Restored in Dialog.

2007 Nov 15 at 02:42 » Tagged as :broadband, bootstrap,

After my initial disappointment with dialog, things took a dramatic turn for the better. The email I sent to Dr Hans had been acted up. My faith in Dr Hans Wijayasuriya has been restored and I would once again assert that he is indeed the best CEO in the country.

Dr Hans had forwarded my mail to Kavan Ratnayake, CEO of Dialog Broadband. He sent me a mail and eventually called me up to discuss the issues I had. He promised swift action and he kept his promise.

With in 24 hours their senior sales manager and then their operations manager called me up and arranged to provide me with a WiMax connection (I haven't even sent my application yet!) They were ready to connect me up by 4 PM yesterday but I asked them to differ it till this morning and the crew visited my new house at 9:58 which is a good two minutes before the time they promised to come at (10:00 am).

Being prompt is something that many people in Sri Lanka (and sadly even a few at dialog have forgotten). Fortunately their installation crew hadn't. Unfortunately this is where the fairy tale ends. They tried really hard but they couldn't raise a sufficiently strong signal to connect me up.

Sadly it seems that Battaramulla isn't still on their coverage map. Talangama (which is further away) and Kottikawatta (a place less likely to have WiMax subsribers) are both covered. Yet battaramulla a place where most people are already connected to SLT ADSL (and would happily switch to WiMax) isn't covered. The crew tried to connect to both the Kotikawatte tower as well as the Talangama tower but the SNR never went beyond 15 .which is too low to sustain a connection.