Toshiba A100 - 786

2007 Nov 27 at 03:09 » Tagged as :macbook, bootstrap,

My mother's birthday present on her sixtieth birthday last week was a Toshiba A100 786. It happens to be her first computer. I wanted to get her a Macbook but because of the trouble my father recently had with his Macbook he wasn't too keen on it.

There are lots of cheaper notebooks available in the market but this is the only reasonably priced model that has both a core 2 duo and Windows Vista. I am no fan of Vista but I am no fan of XP either so Vista it is. Vista needs a lot of memory but the machine only ships with 1GB so I negotiated with the supplier to throw in an extra 1GB into the machine. He agreed. He also provided a free mouse but the mouse was dead on arrival.

I have a very low opinion of hardware vendors at Unity Plaza but this supplier (Techno CIty) and their sales exective Supun proved to be an exception to the rule. He happily replaced the mouse no questions asked. The extra memory wasn't available on the day of the purchase but he promised to have it ready by monday. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shipment was not delayed! (that's the usual excuse).

Not only that. The day I collected the machine, I had left the manuals and the recovery CD behind. He called me upto tell me about it. I didn't even know that the recovery CD was part of the package. So hats off to Supun at Technocity for great customer service.

More about the dead macbook and the toshiba A100 user experience later.