Faith Restored in Dialog

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Finally I have got my Dialog Telekom WiMax connection and I am very happy dialog customer once again. As I understand it this is the first connection given out from the Battaramulla base station. There were several issues in setting up the connection and the installation crew had to labour for two days in succession. Most of the problems were caused by foliage but some of it probably had to do with teething problems at their tower.

The connection was setup on Wednesday but I didn't get to try it out till today. I did visit the location yesterday but the dialog crew had forgotten to leave a patch cable behind. No worries I have plenty of my own but didn't have one in my notebook bag. Took one with me today when I visited the site and to my great pleasure the connection was up and running.

I have torn up my Sri Lanka Telecom application. Hope Dialog's CDMA coverage extends to Colombo soon.

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