Someone should investigate the Blogshares BSEC


For while now many disgruntled former Blogshares addicts have claimed that all is not well at Blogshares. Those hooked on the game have always dismissed those allegations as sour grapes. I am also a disgruntled player, so I will not be surprised if my allegations suffer the same fate.

there are two kinds of players at blogshares, the insiders and the others. If you are an insider, you can get away with blue murder, you can violate any blogshares rule and get away with it, if you are not one of the insiders you are going to have a tough time. Even the slightest indescretion and the group at calls itself the BSEC will be after you.

If you are not an insider, you might yourself suspended, temporarily or permanently. Else you might find that some of your B$, ideas, artifacts or what not have been wiped off because you have violated some rule or other. It's fine to violate those rules if you happen to be an insider. reminds one of Sri Lankan politics.

What I really found annoying is that they charge their membership fee even if you are suspended. They collect their payments through paypal so I complained to them. Unfortunately paypal can reverse a transaction only if tangible goods are involved. If Blogshares doesn't return the money, I am going to file a chargeback with my credit card. The amount involved really is just peanuts, but it's the principal.

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