Fedora 8 what a bore


Each new version of Fedora seems to be worse than the last. Fedora 8 is what was installed on my new machine (which is to be a media and telephony server). The only reason that Fedora was chosen was on the basis of better the devil you know than the one you don't I have been using fedora for a long time and Redhat Linux for much longer. There was a time when new releases were exciting and included many improvements. Nowadays news versions are just bloat and include countless bugs.

Consider this, just after the installation was completed, I updated all that packages there were installed. The total download was around 800Mb. That's more then a CD load. I remember the days when Redhat used to fit on one CD. This upate was run just a couple of days ago. Now there are 49 more updates waiting to be downloaded. Surely if we wanted to use up all our bandwidth just for updates, we would choose vista?

So what's broken in this new version? yum seems to be but the most obvious break is in the audio system. Then again you cannot expect anything else from Fedora can you? Pulseaudio is an absolute pain in the ear. The silence is deafening.

What about Yum? well I installed mythv (it doesn't work with Pulseaudio). Then I heard that the bleeding version (0.21) works while the stable (0.20) version doesn't. Tried to use yum to update. the update wouldn't work. There were dozens of complaints about conflicts. There had to be resolved manually. Heck we can do that with plain old RPM why bother with yum? Never had such trouble with Fedora 6

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