Linux MCE

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Mythtv on Fedora seems to be such a pain in the neck. Perhaps I should have downloaded mythdora instead but what I decided to do after giving up on Fedora 8 was to download linux MCE. There are two flavours, one for idiot and another for non idiot. Later on I found that there is little difference between the two.

The flavour marked as being for idiots will format your hard drives and install kubuntu 7.04 on it followed by LinuxMCE. The non idiot mode gives you the option of formatting the hard drive yourself! The latter is a DVD download while the former is a 2-CD download.

It was only after downloading both CDs using torrents that I found that Kubuntu 7.04 has to be downloaded separately. Darned if i will, this is an obsolete version. In fact it cannot even be directly downloaded from the Kubuntu site. So it's back to Fedora 8.

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