p7131 Radio

2008 Jan 21 at 22:53 » Tagged as :quadruple play, anti spam,

Yipeee. After a quite a struggle, the analog TV tuner on the P7131 is working fine with mythtv and tvtime. However I cannot say the same about it's radio. The radio doesn't work at all. The only thing I can get out of it is an entry in /var/log/messages that says "tuner' 1-004b: tuner has no way to set radio frequency".

A google search for the error does not brings up anything usefull. But there was one post in a mailing list that included a patch for the saa7134 drivers.

In fact during my countless searches over the past few weeks I have seen innumerable patches for the saa7134 and other drivers. Many of the posters claimed that they were required to make even the TV tuner work. The truth is that none of them were needed. My kernel is supposed to have support for this card already.

This particular patch though, appeared different and I got the feeling it might address the issue. It's been a long time since I last compiled a kernel. I am very reluctant to go through all that again so decided to apply the patch and compile just the relevent modules.