Dialog Telekom Still not getting it right.

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Dialog Telkom is slipping.

Recently a friend, a Dialog WiMax subscriber moved house. His connection didn't follow him for more than a week. His livelihood like mine depends on been connected. So in desparation he sent an email to the Dialog CEO. With in an hour he had his antenna shifted. This just goes to show that dialog is getting even more top heavy than usual. What is equally rediculous is that they are still using fixed antennas for what is supposedly a mobile technology.

Another friend well and truely does have a mobile office. Even though he owns a car, he goes around by bike cause he can get more work done that way. Naturally he had a huge monthly bill on his dialog phone, but then he had an argument with one of Dialog's pathetic excuses for customer service staff and disconnected his phone in anger. So all the money that Dialog Telekom was getting is now been sent to mobitel.

Most of this guy's contacts, with dialog phones used it instead of their land lines when ringing him up. Now many do use their land lines instead. Now you will ask what's a few thousand bucks to them? To Dialog Telekom these few thousand bucks really do matter, It is one of those company's that claim that the other 80% is where their real money is.

But there's more to this story.

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