Not another dead macbook!

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My sister was working on her macbook when the battery died. Nothing unusual with that. After waiting till the last possible moment she plugged it in but the charging light wouldn't come on. A few moments later the system went to sleep automatically. Now it wouldn't switch it self back on.

Signs are not good, the battery could be gone for good apple batteries are notorious after all. Then again it could be a problem with the charger. So I tried mine. No luck. Then I took out the battery on her computer and replaced it with mine, sure enough the machine started up but it still wouldn't charge. Next step was to try the charger on my macbook and hey, it works!

Then I tried switching the batteries again; the battery and charger combination that wouldn't work on my sister's computer seem to work fine on mine. It was then that I looked at the socket. To paper clips are firmly stuck on it! They had been attracted by the magnet on the power supply socket and it took quite a bit of effort to dislodge them but normal service was restored afterwards.

Since I have had some bad experience with dead macbooks I was worried. I wasn't looking forward to lugging this to one of the Apple local agents.

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