Nokia 6151 Dead

2008 April 28 at 05:46 » Tagged as :toast, bootstrap,

My Nokia 6151 has been ailing for sometime, now it's dead.

The green button (the answer button) on it died a couple of months ago. Since then I have been using the middle button to answer incoming calls. To make a call I have to click the middle button at least three times while traversing through the menus. Quite annoying but I put up with it cause I am broke thanks to the house building efforts.

Another issue with the phone is that the ringer stops working all of a sudden. It has an annoying habit of switching itself into silent mode on its own but that's a separate issue. I have had the ringer die on me at least three times.

The most recent time it happened was just a week ago. I tried to reboot the phone because the last time it happened rebooting did the trick. Unfortunately when I pressed the power button it went in and got stuck and the phone wouldn't switch off.

I managed to sort out the dead speaker issue by switching the phone into the silent profile and back into general profile. However I then had a bigger issue - if the batter died, I have no way of switching it back on again. In the meaintime I ordered a new phone an e61 finally got my hands on it today.