It seems serverpronto may well have dedicated servers but they certainly are not pronto. An incident last week made me think they are no better than ait but they gave sufficient reasons for me to change my mind later.

I ordered a server from then on the 27 of May, nearly a month ago. They wrote to me saying they wanted a fax copy of my credit card (does that sound like a scam or what?)

I replied immidiately and canceled my order - I need not have even bothered because according to my understanding they wouldn't complete the order if I didn't send them the copy of my card

Then on the 22nd Ii recieved a mail from them saying the server has been setup!. As with AITCOM, serverpronto have also sent the password in a clear text email (might as well put up the on a public website)

Serverpronto has redefined pronto by taking 26 days to activate an account - an account that has been cancelled at that. However unlike AIT who seems to be genuinely cussed, serverpronto seems to have made a genuine mistake. When I wrote to them, they wrote back and immidiately appologised for the inconvinience and promised that my card will not be charged.

99% of responses by AIT (they are HTML mails to boot) seem to be canned resposnses - they all appear to come from an auto responder that does a text match, on the other hand the servepronto reply seems to have been written by a human.

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