Rad Upload 4.02

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Hard on the heels of Rad SFTP 2.02 comes Rad Upload 4.02. As with the Secure FTP applet we have signed the new version with the new code signing certificate. We are providing free upgrades to all those who have a license for version 3.0+

Our upgrade policy is to provide updates only for one year and it's nearly two years since version 3.0 was released, still if you have version 3.0 you can download the new version free of charge.

Are there any new features? not this time. What about bug fixes? yes there are two. One deals with FTP uploads. There were a couple of incompatibilities reported with certain servers. That has been sorted out. Then there was a bug in queue and upload mode and file sorting.

When you use Rad Upload in queue and upload mode (which is needed if you are to embed it into an HTML form), the queue is displayed in a table. The columns in this table can be reordered by dragging them about. Unfortunately that breaks sorting. The applet would sort by the wrong column when you clicked on the table header.

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