Fedora 9

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Moving to a new house should be accompanied by an upgrade to the operating system. I am yet to upgrade from OS X Tiger to Leopard, but I didn't waste so much time in moving from Fedora 8 to 9.

At the new house I have a Wimax connection with a 2mbps downlink and 512 up. In the three weeks I have been living here i have never seen anything download at 200k or anything go up at 50 k so i wasn't surprised when downloading the torrent took more than a day. It took two more for the share ratio to go past 1.0

I did an upgrade rather than a fresh installation and was disapointed to find that the updater ran almost as slowly as the download - well not exactly but it did take close to an hour to update all the packages.

The release notes change has a list of changes as long as your arm but I still haven't noticed anything significant.

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