Getting Aquainted with Debian.

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It's been a couple of weeks since I switched to Debian after being a loyal Fedora/Redhat user for many, many years ago. It hasn't been smooth sailing all together. There were few teething problems here and their.

First up I was looking to install the latest versions of Thunderbird and Firefox and was rather dismayed to find that debian archives only had really really ancient versions on them. I was looking around in third party repositories when I realised that Iceweasel look pretty much like firefox. It turned out to be a case of a rose by another name. (Romeo and Juliet is the only bit of Shakespeare that I can claim to be even vaguely familiar with)

Iceweasel is Firefox and Icedove is thunderbird. The Debian flavors had been given different names apparently because of a copyright dispute with the mozzilla foundation.

Like the web browser, the web server also caused a bit of trouble. Apache 2 wouldn't start.

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