A soaked e51

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On saturday, i was playing at being a plumber. Not because I wanted to save a few bucks but my regular plumber was not available because his own house had been flooded. No his pipelines didn't explode. There was a flash flood caused by heavy overnight rain.

I did achieve a measure of success with my plumbing efforts and just when I thought it was over, my Nokia e51 fell into the water tank. It was soaking in the tank for a couple of minutes before I managed to fish it out.

Soaking the phone in a water tank is not the same as getting caught in the rain or dropping it into a puddle. In a puddle the water will not penetrate deep inside the phone for a few minutes. The trapped air inside will see to that. In a water tank there is pressure. If the captive air does not escape, it will be compressed (remember PV = nRT ) and the water will penetrate easily.

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