Firefox 3 on Debian.

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All right, All right, the title should be Iceweasel on Debian. Call a rose by any other name and it would be just as hard to install on Debian. I think I am beginning to regret giving up Fedora.

Iceweasel 3.0 hasn't made it's way into the debian stable repositories that wouldn't really matter if it was possible to install the precompiled binary from unfortunately things don't quite work out like that because I got an error with the installer (unfortunately forgot to note it down)

So if you are keen to use firefox 3 the only option is to switch to the unstable repository. The documentation advices against mixing the two but sometimes there is no choice.

Adding the unstable repostory to synaptic (which is really adding it to apt) is easier said than done. When you reload after adding the new repo, it errors out.

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