Dialog Broadband - The Court Jester.

2008 Sept 1 at 18:30 » Tagged as :broadband, video,

Dialog Telekom, once the #1 teleco in the country has been reduced to a sad state, they are now occupying the role of court jester , making mistakes at every opportunity adapting the wrong technology, hiring idiots to man their call centers and back rooms. Profits have been steadily declining and it will not be long before Dialog is in the red. Part of that is due to Dialog Broadband eating up a huge chunk of the parent companies revenues and mauling it's reputation in the process.

when I first wanted to obtain a dialog broadband connection they dragged their heels for nearly a month and the connection was setup only after I wrote to Dr Hans. Speeds were poor and disconnections frequent but I put up with it then came a shock: Astonishingly my bill payment for March (Rs 12,500) was never credited to my account. This meant it has always been in arrears. Four complaints were made no action was taken

Resigned to the fact that this money might have ended up in someone's pocket, I wanted to disconnect at that time but as a loyal Dialog customer I thought to give Dialog BB one last chance. However to my utter disappointment found that my WiMax line has been disconnected last thursday.

I immidiately email Dr Hans and my line was reactivated, then someone from Dialog Broadband called to appologise, then less than 24 hours later the line was cut off. Well it might have been one of those frequent outages that Dialog Broadband has made it's trademark, either way it doesn't really matter anymore. I already have a lanka bell wimax connection (which I have been using as a backup because of the frequent failures of the

Dialog link). That will be my primary link from now on.

Lanka Bell Wimax isn't without it's problems - in fact some of them are pretty serious (more on that later) but at least you can't fault them for not trying to serve. On the other hand with Dialog Broadband it's always the customer's fault.