Bye Bye Movable Type.

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I set off to upgrade <a href="">Movable Type</a> and ended up migrating to wordpress instead. It just goes to show prove that you never know where you will be swept off to if you don't keep your feet. The upgrade appeared to be straight forward until I tried to publish my first post with the new version. ironically it was about the upgrade process and in the end it had to be published through <a href="">wordpress</a>. Movable type seemed to choke on my tamplets.

An error occurred publishing entry 'Upgrading Movable Type': Publish error in template 'Individual Entry Archive': Error in < mtCalendar> tag: You used an <MTCalendar month="this"> tag without a date context set up.

WTF is a date context? the manual doesn't say. Others too seem to have run into similiar sort of problems but none seemed to have come up with a solution - those who have found a solution were keeping mom. In the end, I thought, Movable Type is good but not that good. I did notice that this new version seems to run a lot slower than the last and that makes it slower than wordpress too. The other good thing about wordpress is that it's mostly PHP - none of that templating mubmo jumbo so closing the capter onĀ  MT became a no brainer.
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