Recover Corrupt SD Card.

2008 Sept 25 at 22:52 » Tagged as :photography, xml,

A couple of weeks ago, I had a corrupt CF card and managed to recover most of the data thanks to the little bit of C code written by Mark Oskin. Today, I have a corrupt SD card on my hands. SD - CF - MMC it's all the same really they all have VFAT on them so you can often recover data by using fsck.vfat - but sometimes fsck is not enough. That's when you need other tools.

I tried ddrescue but I wasn't too comfortable with that. Then I used Mark Oskin tool and it managed to recover quite a few files but I was sure there were a few others. So I searched a bit and came across something interesting called Test Disk - it managed to recover the same set of files that the other tool did but there were a couple of other files besides - all videos. Unfortunately only one of them was playable (even then only after VLC's attepted repair). Still Test Disk get's an A for effort.