Send Them to Microsoft

2008 Sept 29 at 13:28 » Tagged as :x11,

Who ever came up with this menu system for KDE should be sent to work at Microsoft. Sure it can be turned off but yikes.

I have always prefferred KDE over Gnome but finally it's now time to move to gnome. KDE's bottom taskbar needs at least 1/3 of your screen. It can be resized but then half of the clock and the kde menu icon disappear.

Konqueror with it's tabs is still preferable to the tabless (so many years have passed since after it was added to konqueror amazing that they haven't caught up yet). But then there is no reason why you can't use konqueror as your file browser whiles you are in gnome.

I sure wish I could figure out how to turn off the GDM debug messages in the system log file though - in the past you could do that sort of thing with gdm setup but when they made Fedora 9 they forgot to include it.