Arrrrggghhh having to install fedora thrice again.


After that bait and switch the other day, I was left with the prospect of having to make three different installation of Fedora. There was no way, I could wiggle out of the first one. The machine that was sent to the office needed fedora and that was a straight forward installation. After the first few clicks, I just forgot about it and let it run it's course. The second machine which, was to be my new desktop was more of a problem. I sure as hell didn't want to install fedora on it again but I felt i should at least do an upgrade because the hard drives that would be connected to the new mother board contain only a 32 bit version of Fedora 9. It's even slightly more complicated than that because the mother board I initially used on it has to go back to the file/media server. Otherwise I have to go through all the tedius steps of configuring the Nvidia VGA driver, mythtv and the tv tuner card. So I had no choice but to upgrade. But when the installer got to that stage (upgrade existing installer) it choked; said couldn't upgrade a 32 bit installation to 64 bit. You have to reinstall. I was very reluctant to format and install (had to do that several times over the past few months). The installer advised me not to but I went ahead anyway. The upgrade completed but I ran into trouble after boot up. Gnome desktop wouldn't start up. KDE would start up but very slowly. I then had to update both gnome and KDE. Even then I noticed that they wouldn't start up at times it seems to happen randomly. Occasionally when that happens I see this message:

Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation.

I haven't found a solution for that (google doesn't have anything on it)
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