Fedora boot time

2008 Oct 26 at 02:07 » Tagged as :toast, bootstrap, python,

Well we know that fedora (a modified fedora actually) can boot up in five seconds. How long does it take to boot mine? A rather disappointing 59 seconds in fact.

I don't reboot that often but had to do so a little earlier to plug in the new hard drive. (The one that was a replacement for the dead drive. I get my stuff from a place called Mylinx. They have a pretty good service. I got the hard drive replaced with no questions asked. )

The next time I reboot, I am going to try some tweaks particularly my firewall startup script. I think I can shave off a good five seconds by doing that. The firewall script does a depmod -a . before it loads the required kernel modules and even then it checks to see if it has already been loaded. There isn't any need to do that.  It's better to have the modules load automatically at boot time

I also notice that fedora mounts a lot of partitions that it shouldn't. These are partitions that are not even listed in /etc/fstab  yet they show up as /media/disk and /media/disk-1 and so on. Those partitions are are mostly bakups and residues from old installation. I need to figure out how to disable that.