Mega Upload


Mega upload is back at the top of sourceforge. The statics page at

sourceforge has been messed for quite some time but it looks like they have finally started to update it. The latest stats available are from early March. According to those stats

mega upload is again in the top percentile. The return to the top is after a gap of three weeks.

So what's mega upload anyway? It's a really really simple old PHP script. It's the kind of project that's so simple that you ask yourself "now why didn't I think of that?". The script can be used to produce a progress indicator for file uploads with PHP. This is something that has been eluding the community for some time.

From Feb 24 to March 1 megaupload held sway among the top projects and reached a peak of 99.47% on the 29th of february. And on the 1st of March it had the highest number of downloads in a single day. Not bad for a project that's only around 16Kb in size.

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