Rretro Tagging ?

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When I first started blogging more than 4 years ago, it was with blogger.com, Then I looked at a few other tools and finally settled on Movable Type. I don't remember if any of them had support for tags. Later versions of Movable Type that I upgraded to certainly did have this feature, but I never made use of it. Then recently I gave up on MT and became a happy Wordpress user.

WP certainly has tagging and I am making full use of it. I even decided to add tags to the older posts. Every time I login to wordpress I tag a few of the old untagged entries. Upto now, I  have manged to go only as far back as March this year, so there is a long long way to go.

With the bunch that has been tagged already, the most widely used tag during that period is  Broad Band. It just goes to shwo that there is always something to talk about Sri Lankan ISPs and much of it is negative feedback. No wonder we are still a third world country.

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