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You might have noticed that I have an item named religion in my tag cloud. Does that mean I have suddenly become religious? Hello no. Exorcise that thought. Religion is the opium of the poor (well I am not exactly rich but I am not poor and don't do opium). Heaven and hell exists only in the minds of preachers.

Lots of other geeks are religious though. They would swear by Java, PHP or some poor souls who need to be rescued even swear by primitive things like C# or .NET (windows really does sucks (No that has nothing to do with religion , it's a scientific fact)).

So this tag, religion is about such arguments like 'PHP is better than Java' and 'perl is better than python' (anyone want to compare Fortran and Python?).

Well what's really better, is it PHP or Java? well it's a matter of horses for courses (but PHP has recently lost the plot a bit with an API that is way too big, but then Java is showing it's age too).

While still on the subject of religion and religious wars you might ask, Is Fedora better than Debian?  Yes Fedora is miles ahead of Debian (but even so, Debian is much better than Windows)

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