Broadband speeds in different parts of the world.

2008 Dec 15 at 07:13 » Tagged as :broadband, python,

After having done a lot of speed tests with Sri Lankan broadband companies, I wondered  if people living in other countries have to suffer through the same problems with their ISPs as well. According to some of the comments posted on previous blog posts apparently they do. really do get the speeds advertised by their ISP. In some places apparently you do but not in others. So I asked some friends and relatives to do a speedtest and share the result with me.

Here is a test result from my sister in NYC

Here is another one from my sister again from NYC. I think one is from her uni (Wi Fi) while the other is from the apartment (which is which? she didn't say). One runs at nearly 10mbps while the other runs at less than 1mbps, yet upload speeds are about the same.

Apparently, the service provider dragged their feet for more than a month before connecting up the apartment, even then the modem they sent was faulty, So I guess there isn't that much of a difference between New York and Colombo, but wait there is a difference they replaced the modem free of charge. This is from Sakkraya in Melbourne:

this is a 2mbps leased line that's why uploads and downloads speeds are similar. If you would like to share your connection speed, please be so kind as to add a comment with a link to your speed test image.