Netbeans 6.5 and PHP

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Been waiting for a long time for PHP support to be added into Netbeans. Decided that I can wait no longer and downloaded the nightly build. And what can I say, I just love it.

Netbeans can be used with Xdebug to debug PHP scripts. I know that xdebug can be used with eclipse too but I have never quite aquired a taste for eclipse. Of course which IDE is better is largely a matter of religious preference but in my humble opion the best IDE is Nebeans.

I am no longer a heavy PHP coder, so I use whatever editor that comes to mind when I actually do write in PHP - many of them don't even have debug support. But Netbeans is something that is almost always on my desktop so this means I can do both PHP and Java on the same IDE.

Footnote: install xdebug with yum install php-pecl-xdebug

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