Google encourages SEOs


Googles recent antics - that of changing the index or the algorithm every few hours is playing right into the hands of Search Engine Optmizier or Search Engine Marketers are they call themselvs.

The reason is that with so the index changing so often it has become nearly impossible to achieve a reasonable rank with legitimate methods. You might find yourself in number on position now only to see your page drop to 331 in six hours time.

Google righfully claims that their objective is to provide a better service for the search users and not for web masters but are searchers getting what they want? for example if you search for SFTP you will find that the top result (most of the time) is a page that was obsolete long ago. In fact the author of the page says don't bother reading it!!

Rad SFTP our own secure FTP software is also in the running for this particular keyword. How has it fared? during the last month it's position moved between a high of #2 to a low of #51. This is just an example of the behaviour you will find things are pretty much the same for many of the so called 'popular' searchs.

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