Good Bye Adbrite

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Last year, I was so disapointed with Adsense that I thought of moving away from it and did. I ended up with Adbrite. It's like falling out of the frying pan into the fire.

Adsense targetting leaves much to be desired and click through rates are abisimal. On top of that there is a huge difference between the number of pages served (as reported by analog and other tools) and the number of banner impressions.

I joined adbrite to find that it's a poor second best in all these aspects. To make matters worse, some of the ads definitely are sleazy. Not the kind of wares that I wanted promoted on my site. Even so I let things be for quire a while primarily out of laziness but in the end decided enough is enough. Almost all the adbrite ads have been pulled up. There is still a few left in the wiki section of this site. The wiki itself needs serious attention because it's been spammed to death.

During the time that I was on adbrite things haven't improved all that much with adsense.

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