FTP Applet


Yesterday we released the latest version of the FTP Applet. This new release makes has some significant improvements over the previous versions.

The most important change is the fact that you can now switch on and off between displaying hidden files. Hidden files as we all know are not too well hidden, in unix like operating systems all you need to do is pass an additional parameter to `ls` to display them. The behaviour of FTP servers isn't very different. The settings dialog can now be used to put on or take off the invisible cloak.

We have had quite a few requests for the ability to delete non empty directories. We did not implement this feature upto now thinking that it would be too dangerous. Finally we decided that if that's what the clients want it's upto us to give it. So recursive directory deletion - or the ability to delete a folder that contains other files or subfolders is included in the 1.15 version of the FTP applet and deskto client. (Recursive folder upload and download has been supported for a long time)

Both these features will soon find their way into our SFTP Applet as well.

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