And More Lanka Bell Service Disruptions

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Lanka Bell is really outdoing itself. The connection was dropped just after midnight (so says syslog). Fortunately I went to sleep at 11.00PM. Like most geeks the first thing I do in the morning is find out how many junk mails I have recieved overnight, couldn't do that of course because the service was out. I waited till the sun was really shining and messages my Friend Ishara at Lanka Bell he put it right again with in a matter of minutes. But that's not the point - their connection should be dropping off so often.

One Wednesday morning the connection had dropped. It was restored briefly but was lost again in the afternoon and remained that way till thursday afternoon. A full day service outage. and just barely 36 hours later it had dropped off again.

The very reason that I switched from Dialog Broadband to Lanka Bell was because I wanted to avoid this kind of thing. But now bell wimax appears to be worst than Dialog's. And when you really think about it SLT that poor excuse for an IT company really is better than both of them.

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