could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b5 and 1.9b5

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Earlier, I blogged about upgrading from Fedora 9 to 10 with Yum. Then I mentioned that it didn't go too well and decided to get a full DVD image with jigdo.  Here are some of the things that went wrong with the live update.

missing gnome menu bar

The Gnome menu bar disappears when ever an applications is started. It's place is taken up by that applications own menu. The running applications title bar also goes on a trip. You cannot resize or drag it. So the only way to get the menu back is to close what's running. It's almost like having a single tasking operating system. I later found that metacity --replace can get your menu back but only temporarily. It disappears if you logout or reboot. Then I found that updating metacity manually solves it permanently. Firefox doesn't start up at all. When trying to execute from the command line, the following error is reported:

could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b5 and 1.9b5

No surprise that it can't find anything between 1.9b5 and 1.9b5 because there is nothing in between (assuming that version numbers are real numbers and do not have imaginary components in them of course). This issue did go away with the Firefox upgrade. Yet when FF started I was forced to check for Firefox extension updates and to install them because I just couldn't say no! (the buttons were hidden due to the above metacity issue)

Firefox without the frame

One other minor matter was the bootup process stopping at runlevel 3 - the init update had modified the inittab file to set the runlevel to 3. To get the the plymouth splash screen I had to disable bootchart.
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