Linux Desktop Recording.

2008 Dec 6 at 02:09 » Tagged as :video, wiki,

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never posted a video on Youtube and thought I would make my debut with a video of the Fedora 10 bootup. I had seen a few choppy videos that were generated by someone holding a camera at their monitor. Surely even I can do better than that. All that's needed is to capture the screen while an F10 guest started up on my Desktop (by using VirtualBox or Qemu).

To do that I first tried Istanbul. While it's a pretty nice software it can only produce ogg files. The only video editing software on my machine (avdemux2) couldn't handle that (incidentally I have never ever edited a video in my whole life). I thought of trying other video editing software. Lives is something that I looked at but couldn't make head or tail of it's user interface. Cinelerra was even worse. Then I tried using VLC to convert from ogg to other formats but VLC always complained about missing codecs and bailed out.

These issues with codecs happens to be one of the problems that RPM Fusion is trying to solve (well I didn't have that in my repo list at the time, and Livna I had taken down sometime back because it lead to so many conflicts.). I thought RPM fusion can wait and decided to try changing the video capture tool. I immediately met with success. Xvidcap is the tool that I used to record my first video and it's output can be easily edited by avidemux without having to bother with conversions.

The video was well recieved actually and even has a five star rating. Not bad for a beginner huh? You can see it  -> here <-