SPA 3102 Getting Started

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Still stuck here on wordpress, need to clean out the drafts folder before flipping the switch for Jekyll. There were 23 drafts in all Some more than six years old! Only one or two are worth preserving. Here is one, that was originally written on Nov 22, 2008 but never published. This was part of my Quadruple play at home scenario. This device in question was taken out by lightening some time later.

You can get started with the SPA 3102 telephone adapter by plugging in your phone and dialing '****'. Then you are connected to an IVR and you can make many changes such as define PPPoE connections etc. But one thing that you can't do is to change the LAN IP address. It's set by default to .

My home network the IP address range is so I had to create a virtual interface (eth0:1) and assign and IP in the network before I could connect to it. Another option would have been to use the IVR to set the WAN port to obtain it's IP address via DHCP but then I wasn't sure if the device would run the web based admin panel through the external interface so I didn't even bother to try. Later on I found that you can use the '7932' code in the IVR to enable/disable this feature. Much easier to create eth0:0 , login, change the LAN IP on the device to my network and then to delete the eth0:0 again.

Since my router is actualy my desktop (with to NICs connected to it). I asigned another IP in the network to the external interace on the telephone adapter. The moment I did that my entire network stopped working and the switch started blinking like crazy. It took a me a few minutes even to figure this out. I eventually reached the conclusion that whatever packets that were coming in through the internal interface it was sending out again through the external interface int he mistaken belief that those packets should be NATed this leads to a flood. I suppose this is akin to the 'howling' you hear when a mic is placed in front of a speaker.

I was really struggling to get the voice adapter to connect to my Asterisk. It was only after a lot of frustration that I figured out that the Asterisk server's IP has to be entered as in the proxy field (in the line 1 tab

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