Why is every version of Fedora worse than the one before?

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Fedora 9 was so bad, I got totally fed up with it and switched to debian. Only to find that Debian is a lot worse. So I switched back to F9. Yesterday, I upgraded to Fedora 10 (that to only after doing a couple of trials with virtual machines). I was hoping that it would be better than F9. It's not. It's a lot worse.

I have been using linux for around 10 years now and I was a lot happier 10 or even 5 years ago than I am now. Each new version is full of so many problems to solve. It's as if Red hat wants to continuously challenge us.  it's no wonder that linux has struggled to gain market share. How can ordinary users even hope to have a chance if old hands like me struggle with it?

Sure I will be able to find solutions for most things with google but there are problems I will have to handle on my own. Not that I can't do it but I don't want to do it. Like everyone else I have more important things to do than fix bugs in other people's programs.

Why does Red Hat insist on shipping products like PackageKit, Upstart and Pulse Audio? If they just ship that crap on the CD it would be fine but what happens is that good solid stable software are pulled out and they are replaced with the half baked stuff. I don't think any two versions of Fedora had the same sound system - and sound is one of the many things that no longer works for me since upgrading to F10.

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