Fedora 10 Gold

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The final release of Fedora 10 was made available a couple of days ago. There was the early delivery and and the problems with my WiMax connection so it wasn't until a little while ago that I managed to do the updated from Fedora 10 Preview to the Final release. (That too only when the little tyke was sleeping and the other two children finally gave up staring at him and started playing).

Most of the issues that I had with the preview are still there with the gold release as well. KDE still starts up without the menus but with that fedora "Could not start ksmserver." Check your installation message which no one seems to have a solution for. Sugar doesn't start at all. The screen just flickers and returns to the login screen. Lot's of other things are still broken.

Even as I was typing this, I had a crash and the update introduced new problems like messing up my grub and causing a boot failure. It just went grub grub grub grub eternally without going to next step and I had to put it right by booting in rescue mode. Even then I didn't get the plymouth boot screen. Well at least power saving is back.

Will make another post soon and share what ever solutions that I found.

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