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Many moons ago, I downloaded subversion because I had messed up the CVS installation on my computer (not that I was making much use of it anyway) and wanted to try something different. Finally I had a chance to install it.

One of my worst habits is downloading a software and leaving it to rot in some remote corner of my hard disk. While searching for something or other I stumble upon these and decide to have a go at instalation. Often the version number would have changed since the time I downloaded but it doesn't really matter, I am usually installing software just for the sake of finding out what it is.

Subversion apparently depends on the apache portable runtime  (apr), judging by the time taken by the configure script to complete, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I started installing mono a couple of days back and that certainly seemed to go much faster.

I immidiately moved the entire folder to /dev/shm before continuing with the installation. Othewise this might take as long as the kernel to compile itself. After that the compilation tooks just a couple of minutes.

Once the installation is complete the next step was to create the repository, which was done with svnadmin create /var/subversion/ before importing any projects I had to spend some time on RTFM, since my project folders contain compiled classes and other stuff which should not make be placed into the repository. In fact the area of TFM that covers svn:ignore is very poor. In fact the subversion manual is almost as bad as the CVS manual.

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