Video Howto : Fedora 10 Installation

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I am ashamed to say this but some of my best friends and even my own mother still uses windows. Even those friends and relatives who are fed up with Windows are strangely reluctant to switch. They are asking whether it's possible to dual boot windows and linux. Dual boot is the stone age way of doing things. Now with everyone having 64 bit processors virtualization is the way to go. All 64 bit processors support para virtualization so the guest operating system will run just as fast as the host.

This video demonstrates how to install Fedora 10 as a Guest. In this case the host is also a linux box but VirtualBox is available for windows too and looks exactly the same. Most people will realize that there are fewer questions to answer and installation takes much less time than a windows installation. That video has been edited but installation is still very quick.

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