is pulling your leg

1100582480000, the so called source for java technology collaborartion has a sense of humor. We already have and confusing enough for most people even without all the subsections on

So what exactly is it looks a like a collection of blogs, and news feeds which is another way of saying this is just another website. Hang on a second they also host a few projects and have CVS servers etc for developers. Sure but would you move from sourceforge just because of that?

Now to look up the real humorous items on their website; the FAQ says you could 'federate your site' with What does federating mean?

""To federate" means, "To cause to join into a league, federal union, or similar association." (American Heritage Dictionary). On, federated sites will typically be sites that are already mature. They have an existing, stable community and are self supporting. For a variety of reasons, these groups may wish to maintain

their own established infrastructure and to tie into some of the enriched features that offers"

If you don't want to federate (probably because you cannot see the benefits of doing so). You can ask to link to your website (from a page deep inside their cavernous site) in return you have to link to and place their logo on your own home page. What a nice bargain. I remember websites making these demands around eight

years ago when I first started browsing. Maybe this site was made eight years ago and left to rot.

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